Issue Two: Locked in the Studio

Massive Attack x Adam Curtis x Es Devlin x UVA, Manchester, 2013


Lost in Italy
Photographs of architecture by Jiajia Zhang leave us suspended in time, we are left to notice strange and inapparent details in which grows an uneasy solace.

Max Lamb's Table

For a long time now we’ve wanted to make our own furniture, something functionally designed for yourself always has a sense of worth and motivation to it, we’re getting close now..
Gust of wind


Beautiful shapes and composition

— Antoine Picon

In traditional landscapes, the productions of man, his con- structions in particular, surrendered themselves progressively to nature in the form of the ruin. The ruin reintegrated, in successive stages, the traces of human activity into the cycles of nature. There is nothing of the sort in the contemporary city, where objects, if they don’t disappear all in one go, as if by magic, are instead relegated to obsolescence, a bit like the living dead who endlessly haunt the landscape, preventing it from ever becoming peaceful again. We have gone from ruin to rust, from trace to waste.


Vue aérienne d’ensemble — The People’s Palace

Last known naturalists

The perception of natural land within suburban landscapes is a feat far and few between, the encompassing nature of wilderness within quarters of man and his cladded houses poses an image of freedom.

In newly created places, where does the newly untouched and flourish-able natural world sit? Do these natural places bare the same non—place characterless feel of suburban housing? And how does the evidence of human presence change our perception of free to grow portions of suburbia?


Symbols of growth in Chechnya engulfed by huge fire

The Social Architect’s world;

A place where one is implicated by a designed world, left to act natural, calm, complicit and ongoing.

Spaces created urging us to engage and interact with one another, shared gardens, community specific public parks and palaces,

All for us

Issue One: Gangsta Topologies
Alex Maclean

Blighted Inner City Housing Block

Blighted Inner City Housing Block
Cincinnati, Ohio

Now On Topologies: Emile Aillaud

Tours Aillaudles Dervallières

Tours Aillaud, 1997

Clouds of concrete cladding hang from towers over the la Defence landscape, designed by Emile Aillaud, these estates encapsulated new manifestos of post war enthusiasm, bringing a high quality of life to the public.

But what truly interests me is this connection between Aillaud’s buildings and the inhabitants, the people. Archives of the Grignywood 91 gangsta blog creates an insight of cultures which came to be, ways of life, communities and creation manifesting in conjunction with the lucrative image these buildings hold.


Mike Kelley



Mobile Homestead, 2010.

A movement of a history, not time travel in the sense of chronodiegetic movement but this movement, migration, of life, of rhetoric proportions exhibited on a public scale.

Mantle 2012 ❍